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star rating  Was nice trip with Ethio Target Tours,
The tour was joining group tour to Danakil depression for 3 days. And well organised and professional guide tour at all. We highly recommend travel agent in ethiopia. Absolutely recommend for everyone.

avatar thumb Safari01328740398
November 10, 2023

star rating  Solomon and the ETT team were amazing, reliable, punctual and professional. Truly recommend ETT as a great partner in Ethiopia:)

avatar thumb Svetlana D
October 2, 2023

star rating  I am a travel agent, owner of Civaturs Viaggi in Turin. Having to organize a tour of Ethiopia for a group of 10 people, after in-depth research and selection I entrusted myself to Solomon, of Ethiopia Travel. the tour operator proved to be precise and reliable, very attentive to the customer's needs, extremely flexible. We had planned the northern tour. A few days before departure there were riots in Lalibela and Gondar: Solomon immediately agreed and reset the tour in the South, organizing a beautiful and unforgettable trip. Great accommodations, comfortable vehicle, super driver (great Ras!). Assistance beyond the best expectations. Truly a serious, valid, reliable, professional tour operator. Compliments !

avatar thumb marcotarti
September 10, 2023

star rating  We love Ethiopia - Was nice trip with ethio target tours. The service and all the facility are the best.
Recommend travel company.

Mitikie W
July 28, 2023

star rating  A very professionally prepared trip, - I am very pleased with the cooperation with Ethio Target Tours. Had a 9 day Ethiopian tour of Omo Valley, Lalibella, Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar and more. I always felt taken care of Mr. Solomon asked me about my satisfaction with the trips every day. I saw a lot of tribes in Omo Valley, Churches of Lalibella From the very beginning, very good contact, everything went smoothly. I recommend to everyone I will definitely come back to Ethiopia again only with Ethio Target and Mr. Solomon.

July 2, 2023

star rating  So nice trip with knowledgeable staff! - Group of Germany travel to Ethiopia for 6 days. The tour organized by Solomon Ethio Target Tours. Actually recommended this travel company by our frind who uesd before and had excellent service. Yes that is absolutely fantastic trip with this best tour operations.

June 19, 2023

star rating  Best travel company in Ethiopia Ethio Target Tour. If you need join group tours contact this travel agency. Warm welcoming , qulity Service of service where awsom. Recommend

avatar thumb yirga k
May 25, 2023

star rating  We trvel Ethiopia 13 days with Ethio Target Tours. We have got the company via our frind who did it before the tour. As we hear and see the company where excellent. Our tor covering Addis abeba, arbaminch, Danakil, bahir dar, simien mountains. The tour absolutely enjoyed so mach.

We would recommend and advertising this company all places where we go. Thanks once my driver alxo and my driver biniam both made us unforgettable trip ever in my life.

avatar thumb 183winnera
April 10, 2023

star rating  Best vacation ever! Book trips for my family while miles away from home through WhatsApp, everything went exceptional. The company has excellent tean, The hotel arrangement, guide, car etc....great. On this cases we should give best value to Ethio Target Tours because of the unforgettable trip facilities.

avatar thumb 858amaret
March 9, 2023

star rating  So nice place visiting Ethiopia with Ethio Target Tours! - Was best service what we had from Ethio Target Tours. The tour was covered 8 days included Danakil depression. The arrangement is quick within 3 days to fix everything. So we enjoyed much with good people in Ethiopia.

March 8, 2023

star rating  8 days Tour to Ethiopia - Absolutely love the tour and staff. Our tour was 8 days with my friends. The tour covered Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar and Simian mountains.

February 20, 2023

star rating  Family tour with Ethio Target Tours - Well organised company in Ethiopia "Ethio Target Tours". Behalf of the tour operator in bahir dar, and arbaminch because the min office in Addis Ababa manages great. Our tour was with my family for 11 days private tour. All the facility regarding hotel arrgment was excellent.

We highly recommended! Thanks a lot for everything.

February 17, 2023

star rating  16 days tour with Ethio Target Tours, The tour was perfect historic and culture route including Simien Mountains! The company has excellent tour operators everywhere regarding having all the destinations. The driver Alexo was absolutely amazing driver and guide. He manages all the activities and he knows all the country of Ethiopia. We enjoyed so much and unforgettable trip in my life! We hope have frinds to go Ethiopia soon so we recommend this fablues travel company to them! Stayed safe see you next time!!!!!

avatar thumb frutm2023
February 12, 2023

star rating  Wow, excellent Travel Agency. Highly recommended. Friendly, flexibel, careful. Price- performance couldn't be better. The best I would say. Anytime again and only with Ethio Target Tours. Thank you very much Salomon. You do a fantastic job!

avatar thumb N5188BBbarbarar
January 26, 2023

star rating  Best travel company! Ethio Target Tour has helpful tour operation staf. The tour was 7 days to North with Simien mountains.

avatar thumb anidualemg
December 31, 2022

star rating  Best customer service start to finish. The tour was four days Simien Mountains, with privat tour starting from Gonde. All the facilities where great. Fast arrangements. We hope return next time and go until the highest level mountains in Ethiopia Ra's Dashes.

avatar thumb esuyawkalm
December 25, 2022

star rating  I toured Bahir dar with Ethio target tours and it was absolutely amazing. I had just 2 days so I needed to pack as many activities as I could and they made sure to do that for me, including a last minute drive to the lake to catch the sunrise before my flight. They had very good value for money also. Would definitely recommend.

avatar thumb akenyannomad
October 12, 2022

star rating  7 days Historical tour with Ethio Target - We absolutely loved Ethiopia and the company Ethio Target Tours, The trip was 7 days to Historical routes. Car, accommodation, guide, and etc.... Excellent Service! We would love to come back with family and friends again.

October 1, 2022

star rating  Excellent Service & Organisation! - I used this company for a 3 day stop over in Addis, well worth it. I had 3 tours: 1. City Tour (fabulous to see Lucy!); 2. Trip south to: Sites of Tiya, Adadi Maryam (church), and. Melka Kunture; 3. Debre Libanos and Portuguese Bridge. If I were to do it again, I would do 2 days and cut Debre Libanos, interesting yes, but not really worth a full day unless you were to go hiking around the river/bridge area (mind the baboons!).

Solomon and his team at Ethio Target were great, very professional and used good vehicles. Additionally the guides explain about Ethiopian customs and culture. I am very glad I used their services and I would use them again.

September 8, 2022

star rating  Our Tour was covered North and South - Our tour was booked through Ethio Target Tours. private car transport.,accommodation with a tour guide to meet us in each city on arrival.
We visited Addis Abeba, Bahir Dar, Simien Mountain, Gonder, And Omo Valley. All Facility was the best.

We can highly recommend this tour operator excellent service.

April 5, 2022

star rating  BEST HOLIDAY TRIP IN ETHIOPIA - Be happy! We booked with intrepid for the first time and they was amazing from start to finish I booked it with Solomon and he was always available on the other end of the phone anytime. Very well organized "Ethio Target Tours" staff ensured you felt safe at all times and knew what to expect

We absolutely love the service and the country that we enjoying! We can Recommend Explore Ethiopia and most especially Bale Mountains definitely be going on more Mountain's trips with them!

January 1, 2022

star rating  Unforgettable trip on my life in Ethiopia - I recently did a tour of the Omo Valley with Solomon and 'Ethio Target Tours' Although I have been to over 45 countries, This was my first trip to Africa by myself and I was nervous travelling alone, But what i had a travel company was amazing.

Booking with Solomon was the best travel decision I ever made. He was waiting for me at the airport with a sign of my name and from the first moment we met I had a new best friend! He took care of every detail and once I was with him I didn't even feel like I was travelling alone. He really understood my expectations and did everything in his power to make the trip such a memorable one. Recommunded all the time!

December 29, 2021

star rating  South Ethiopia with Ethio Target tours - 8 Days tour to Ethiopia, We arrive safe from my country, and walk round in Addis Abeba for one day, The time that we need to go my embassy that we are here visiting Ethiopia and checking the safety of the country, but our embassy suggest us to go South, we absolutely agree, Also they recommunded us Ethio Target Tours,

The tour was amazing, all facility of the company awesome, We apricated Solomon and his team!

December 26, 2021

star rating  Was Excellent Trip - The tour was 7 days to Omo valley. Arba minch, Turmi, Jinka. The agancy Ethio Target Tours where organized us full package, The service from start to end was the best!

August 17, 2021

star rating  9 Days Tour with Ethio Target Tours - How nice to see best travel agency, "Ethio Target Tours" well organization and great facilities on the tour. The tour was Simien mountain for 3 Days, Gonder and Bahir Dar with private tours. The journey was awesome. We highly recommend, will will recommended friens, family's etc....!!!

August 4, 2021

star rating  Travel to Ethiopia - I like the service and hospitality the culture. went to water falls Blue nile very beautiful appreciated travel company Ethio target tours. I highly recomend and I will use again next time.

July 31, 2021

star rating  5 days travel to Ethiopia - I love the hospitality and good customer care I received. it was such a nice experience. we rent car from Ethio target tours the driver was excellent and the price was reasonable

July 25, 2021

star rating  Tour to Ethiopia, with Ethio Target Tours, simian mountains - lovely country and helpful people.

Ethio Target Tours, we trek to the simian mountain with some groups, the trek were the best the guide, driver and all everything was fantastic. we highly compounded and use next time.

avatar thumb tomu700
December 9, 2020

star rating  Marvels trip, Fantastice Service! - We had our trip organized by "Ethio Target Tours" a local travel agency in Addis Ababa. We had never expected it to be so fantastic. I live abroad and I could book the whole package by internet. Solomon, the owner of the agency was very flexible and he could organize a tailored trip.

I have already recommended this company to some friends, who were amazing at the photos we took of the tribal people and have become intrigued by what Ethiopia has to offer. I certainly recommend booking with "ETT"

avatar thumb eliab456
November 18, 2020

star rating  Amazing way to spend few days in Addis Abeba - We had a great day trip with 'Ethio Target Tours', We booked at 9 in the morning and the car was in place and picked us up at the hotel after one hour. Comfy car and nice driver, in addition to the guide. The trip seemed well organized and the guide was very nice and sympathetic. The guide knew a lot of the places he took us,

And had a Nice approach with telling stories and letting us walk around for our selves. We saw many fine places and buildings, including the Trinity Church, the Haile Salassie Museum, the Ethiopian National Museum, the Entoto Mountain with a Nice view over the city. I confidently and easily suggest you to try Ethio Target Tours, for your plan to visit Ethiopia.

avatar thumb 838bruka
November 8, 2020

star rating  Omo Valley is Interesting - The place is well worth a visit. I went accompanied by Ethio Target Tours and Travel and its guide bekele. Everything was planned by them and it worked perfectly: attractions, services and what was charged. Ethio Target Tours is a real travel business operator that will help you to enjoy the South Omo valley, everything was excellent. Very professional company.

avatar thumb fimq
November 8, 2020

star rating  Fantastic trip and great service - I just came back from 9 days in the Omo Valley with Solomon the owner of {Ethio Target Tours } and his driver, and I am truly dazzled by what I just experienced. The Omo Valley is a truly unique and fascinating place for anyone who's interested in other cultures and love adventure.

This is my first time in Africa, and as a woman traveling solo I am obviously concerned about my safety and choosing the right guide. I am so glad I picked Ethio Target Tours! As soon as I saw Solomon and his driver at the Jinka airport I knew I was in good hands and I felt perfectly safe for the whole trip.

During the tour, we visited villages of the following tribes: Banna, Dasanesh, Kara, Nyangatom, Hamer, Ari, Mursi. We also attended a Hamer bull jumping ceremony and several markets. I found the trip was a perfect balance of activities (village visits, ceremonies, markets...) and rest/chill. Somehow he managed that I was always the only tourist present in the villages we visited, that was pretty nice. I highly recommended and used next time with big groups.

avatar thumb btarizc
November 7, 2020