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We are travel and tour operator company with offices in Addis Abeba, Bahir Dar, Gonder and Arbaminch who provide holiday tours and travel agency-related services in Ethiopia. We specialize in providing customized Ethiopian Holiday tours for groups and independent travelers with destinations throughout Ethiopia. Our long years’ experience in the tourism industry makes us one of most successful and reputed tour operation company in Ethiopia in terms of professionalism and quality services. More About Us

Selected Tours in Ethiopia

10 Days Tour To North Part And South Part Of Ethiopia


Addis Abeba, Bahir Dar, Gonder, Simien Mountains, Arba Minch, Jinka, Turmi, Omorate & Dassenech

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6 Days Lalibela Eco Trekking


Addis Ababa City Tour, Trek to Merebarbu, Trek to Abune Yosef Mts & Visit the Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela

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4 Days Tour To Danakil Depression


Mekele, Hamedela, Dodom, Lake Afdera, Ragad (Asebo)

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16-Days North And South Ethiopia Tours


Bahir Dar, Gondar, Semien Mountains, Lalibela, Asheton Mariam, Axum, Chencha, Arba Minch, Konso, Jinka, etc...

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3 Days Trek To Simien Mountains


Sankober, Geech, Ambaras and Gonder

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10 Days Coffee Tour


Jimma, Limu Kossa, Jimma, Bebeka, Tepi, Bebeka, Mizan Teferi, Yirga alem, Yirga Cheffe

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6 Days Tour To Yirgalem and Bale Mountains


Lake Langano, Bale National Park, Hawassa and Yirgalem

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5-Days Bale Mountains Trekking


Bale Mountains, Trekking to Sodota and Gebre Gurracha

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4 Days Tour To Around Addis Abeba


Addis Ababa National Museum, Lucy (3.5-million-year-old skeleto),
Melka Kunture, Adadi Mariam and Tiya Stella...

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Top Targeting Tours in Ethiopia

3 Days Danakil Depression
4 Days Bahir Dar, Gonder & Simien Mountains
2 Days Tour to Danakil Depression
2 Days Simien Mountains Trekking
4 Days Simien Mountains Trekking
Full Day City Tour of Addis Ababa
25 Days Tour of Ethiopia
4 Days Tour to South part of Ethiopia
8 Days Cultural Tour to Omo Valley Tribes
9 Days Coffee Tour: Sidamo and Arba Minch
14 Days Trip To Surma and Gambella Itinerary
7 Days Tour to Omo Valley South Ethiopia
10 Days Bird Watching Tours
4 Days Tour to North part of Ethiopia
5 Days Tour Lalibela Gonder and Bahir Dar

Attractions in Ethiopia

Nyangatom (Bumi) Tribe

Banna Tribe

Kara (Karo) Tribe

Dasenech Tribe

Hamer Tribe

Suri Tribe

Bodi Tribe

Mursi Tribe

Ashenda Festival

Enkutatash (Ethiopian New Year)

Ethiopian Christmas (Genna)

Meskel (Finding of the true cross)

Epiphany (Timket)

Abijatta-Shalla National Park

Nechisar National Park

Gambella National Park

Omo National Park

Mago National Park

Bale Mountains National Park

Simien Mountains National Park

Awash National Park

Aledeghi Wildlife Reserve

Rift Valley Lakes

Bahir Dar & Lake Tana

Danakil Depression




Meskel Square

Merkato Express

Medhanealem Cathedral

Red Terror Martyrs’ Memorial Museum

St. George

Ethnological Museum

Unity Park

Holy Trinity Cathedral

National Museum Of Ethiopia

Erta Ale Volcano

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What our client say

Betrize G
Betrize G
January 15, 2024.
Excellent Service We have all wonderful things to say about this trip and our guide Andualem. We had the most authentic experience visited Danakil Depressions. We are so much happy during the trip where organized well. We will returned back soon to see other part of Ethiopia.
January 13, 2024.
Incredible Tour We have spend with small group of friends a full week in the Omo Valley, visiting tribes, national parks and attending local ceremonies. It's an unforgivable experience and it's totally recommended to Ethio Target Tours
Mitikie W
Mitikie W
January 8, 2024.
Fantastic trip and unforgettable journey We had a fantastic time hiking in the Simien Mountains and in the highlands around Lalibela. Staying in the paranomic views was a highlight, with local villagers joining us for a dinner and foot washing (which they told us was based on ancient tradition going back to earliest Christianity in Palestine. We highly recommend ethio target tour and travel.
January 5, 2024.
Historice Tours The trip has excellent. Historice route with privat tour. The company was well organised. we recomanded.
January 4, 2024.
So Nice trip with Solomon Good one full day experience out of Addis Ababa. Driving by the owner of the company was excellent. The guide, Alexo, was speaking in clear English and always answered all my questions very well. Worth going, if in a group less expensive but as a solo little too expensive. We highly recommend Ethio Target Tours.
Sebrina s
Sebrina s
December 14, 2023.
Fantastic Trip in Ethiopia with Ethio Target Tours Was nice trip with Ethio Target Tours, The was joining group tours, all the facility where we got has be the best. We highly recommended this travel company. We are very happy the time in Ethiopia, and we enjoyed so mach.
November 10, 2023.
Awesome trip with Ethio Targe Tours Was nice trip with Ethio Target Tours, The tour was joining group tour to Danakil depression for 3 days. And well organised and professional guide tour at all. We highly recommend travel agent in ethiopia. Absolutely recommend for everyone.
Svetlana D
Svetlana D
October 2, 2023.
Great ETT Solomon and the ETT team were amazing, reliable, punctual and professional. Truly recommend ETT as a great partner in Ethiopia:)
September 10, 2023.
serious, valid, reliable, professional tour operator I am a travel agent, owner of Civaturs Viaggi in Turin. Having to organize a tour of Ethiopia for a group of 10 people, after in-depth research and selection I entrusted myself to Solomon, of Ethiopia Travel. the tour operator proved to be precise and reliable, very attentive to the customer's needs, extremely flexible. We had planned the northern tour. A few days before departure there were riots in Lalibela and Gondar: Solomon immediately agreed and reset the tour in the South, organizing a beautiful and unforgettable trip. Great accommodations, comfortable vehicle, super driver (great Ras!). Assistance beyond the best expectations. Truly a serious, valid, reliable, professional tour operator. Compliments !
Mitikie W
Mitikie W
July 28, 2023.
We love Ethiopia Was nice trip with ethio target tours. The service and all the facility are the best. Recommend travel company.